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UN - activities: NGO Committee on the Status of Women (NGO CSW/NY) and more

S.E.R._Aktionsplan 2024 Vol. 4 Flyer (engl.)
Official website UN Cicil Society Conference 2024UNCSC

Invitation CSW68 Panel Event Flyer
Invitation Ergosoma Modul 1 Flyer
S.E.R._Aktionsplan 2024 Flyer (engl.)
Ergosoma Int. Parallel Event Presentation (engl.)
Conclusion CSW 68 (engl.)
Official website CSW 68

Invitation-Flyer CSW67 Parallel Event
Invitation FreeWebinar
Contribution “ERGOSOMA®international” – Video

Invitation-Flyer CSW66 Parallel Event
Invitation Ergosoma-practical exercise
Contribution Parallel Event by “ERGOSOMA®international” – Video

Invitation-Flyer Invitation-Flyer
Contribution on internet by “ERGOSOMA®international” – Video
The speeches for reading:
“Health for Change” by Anke Schmidt-Bratzel
“ERGOSOMA®migra” by Bärbel Pegels-Niesel
“Strengthening healthperception, selfhealingpowerand resilience of migrant women with ‘ERGOSOMA®migra’ “ by Serap Tarnis
“Connecting an Reconnecting to the Healthy Inner Core” by Monika Volkmer

was canceled due to pandemic

UN work sustainably secured

Networking thrives on contact. Under this premise, ERGOSOMA® International sent Marion Glaser and Monika Volkmer to the CSW 62 at the UNO. In contrast to last year, no workshop could be designed as a parallel event this time. Nevertheless, it was possible to place a well-attended practical workshop with “Ergosoma®  – Practical Exercises and Basic Skills”. The two give a brief outline of their journey  here Bild: Warm encounters with Hermine Littleton and Josefine Brecht (both S.E.R. Foundation)

Summary of the Parallel Event of the 59th CSW of the Foundation for Subjective Experience and Research S.E.R. in collaboration with ERGOSOMA® international and the US Federation for Middle East Peace on: Empowerment of women. Summary and Images (PDF) Parallel Event of the 59th CSW The Foundation for Subjective Experience and Research S.E.R. in collaboration with ERGOSOMA®international and the US Federation for Middle East Peace is pleased to invite you to a Parallel Event on Tuesday, March 10th, 2015, from 8.30 a.m. to 10 a.m. Armenian Convention Center, Room V Hall, 630 2nd Avenue (at 35th street), New York, NY 10017 More information (PDF) Sustainable Health Development for Women Empowerment of women by adapting indigenous knowledge expanding empathic perception and resilience New perspectives for a sustainable Public Health Care System with the ERGOSOMA® HEALTH CARE PROGRAM Ergosoma application for the registration of the S.E.R. Parallel Event (PDF) (written by Monika Volkmer and Anke Schmidt-Bratzel)

The research and work with ERGOSOMA®, with its subtitles lying on perceptive,sensorial empathy, is being carried out under the title of THE ERGOSOMA® HEALTH CARE PROGRAM at ECOSOC (The Economic and Social Council) at the United Nations.

The goal of the program is to support public health care and promote the complementary, holistic health care method, Ergosoma®. Research shows that it improves the balance between the mental and emotional spheres; this balance is necessary for daily life and the practice of traditional medicine.
In periodic Ergosoma® training sessions, workshops, and meetings in various towns and cities, the stabilization of the vegetative nervous system and the process of perception are schooled.

The Ergosom Association together with the S.E.R. Foundation are preparing a new interpretation of the definition of health according to the WHO.

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