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Ergosoma® – the video

The ERGOSOMA® method

Ergosoma® is a continually developing, traditional method of healing with roots in ancient Asia. Ergosom is one component part of the philosophy, The power of the inner source in oneself, by R. V. Tajon. He taught this technique in 36 lessons as a spiritual means leading to harmony with oneself, with nature and with one’s fellow man. This philosophy is incorporated in all global religions.

Ergosoma® teaches:
Life energy is immortal. It manifests itself in different forms and colors, in wavelengths,frequencies, melodies and rhythms, ideas and pictures. Ergosoma® is the teacher of the Ergo as the physical and visual manifestation of life – also referred to as active energy. Soma represents the quality of life – being in its entirety. It is invisible and indivisible, eternal and omnipresent – also referred to as passive energy.

The meanings of the terms „ERGOSOM AND ERGOSOMA®“ according to R.V. Tajon

Ergo = form, matter
Som = the absence of matter, the state of being in its entirety
Soma = the body
Ergosoma® = work on the body 

Ergosoma® according to R.V.Tajon

Ergosoma® according to R.V.Tajon is holistic, energizing body work; it is practiced with the support of the knowledge and understanding of Ergosoma®.
Ergo and soma are usually not in a flowing, perfect harmony with each other. The ideal form of the state of being is reached when body and mind are in perfect harmony with each other as a dual manifestation of life.
The goal is to bring active information, which is consciously perceived by the senses, into harmony with stored, sub-conscious, passive Information. The result is an improved, expanded, focused, cognitive awareness.

Ergosoma® according to R.V.Tajon aims at reaching a state of consciousness, in which all our energy centers are connected and in which the flow of energy is increased by the power of light. In this way archaic and outdated information is removed from cellular memory so that the mind is freed to enable it to reach the fifth, sixth, and seventh levels of consciousness.

The quality of subjective experience supported by inner fortitude leads to objective knowledge resulting in a sound mind, genuine character, deep understanding, and human dignity.

Ergosoma® treatment

During an ergosoma® treatment, the fully-dressed person is lightly touched atspecific points in order to provide information needed for the optimal interlinking of the body‘s energetic structure.

A treatment is carried out lying, sitting, or standing.

Ergosoma® according to R.V.Tajon provides health prevention and complementary supportfor other scientific and traditional methods of healing.

The spectrum of Ergosoma®

Ergosoma® is applied in the following areas:

– salutogenesis (teaching health)
– spiritual guidance
– pregnancy management
– complementary support to allopathic medicine
– palliative care
– psychiatric consulting
– sensory physiology / attention research

Training: to become an Ergosoma® practitioner (training completed with a certificate in energy work on the body), Ergosoma® teacher, Ergosoma® consultant (counseling using the principles of Ergosoma® as a basis), Ergosoma® for expectant mothers, special training for midwives.

Medicine and health: complementary medicine, physiotherapy, home care, psychosomatic illness and prevention, treatment and personal support for patients with illnesses / diseases in chronically progressive, advanced stages and terminal stages; palliative care

Pastoral care, emergency pastoral care: personal support and training, stabilization of employed persons and assistants, personal support for traumatized persons

Self-awareness / personality development: expansion and immersion of subjective, spiritual experiences and cognitive faculties

Research: reactions in autonomic nervous system (stress and relaxation / inner balance), perception (cognitive and vegetative interaction), the life-long ability to learn (brain plasticity), learning and school, motivation training (youths and unemployed), empathy training in medicine, therapy and care

Philosophy: Ergosoma® is a physical method of working on the body in order to promote health according to R.V. Tajon‘s philosophy of „The power of the inner source in oneself“.

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