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Konferenz Der Frauenrechtskommission Der UN (CSW 64) : Ergosom-Workshop  Genehmigt

Konferenz der Frauenrechtskommission der UN (CSW 64) : Ergosom-Workshop genehmigt

Die UN-Arbeitsgruppe als ERGOSOMA® international wurde eingeladen, an der CSW 64 einen Ergosom-Workshop auszurichten. Worum es in diesem Jahr geht, ist in der Bestätigung des Antragseinganges übersichtlich dargestellt:

Campaign CSW64 Parallel Event Application Fees
Sponsoring OrganizationErgosoma ® international – Ergosom Association
Where your organization primarily works:Global
Please enter the names of any Co-Sponsors below. Do not include the above mentioned Sponsor:Society of Catholic Medical Missionaries Sisters of Charity; Federation Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary-Loreto Generalate
Parallel Event Title: (10 or fewer words to appear in the schedule) Health for Change – Strenghthening the Resilience of Refugee Women
Description of your Parallel Event:A panel presentation by 3 persons on different dimensions of Ergosoma, a complementary health care method allowing interaction from participants to deepen the understanding. Besides we are open to a practical demonstration and hands on experience for those interested to gain knowledge. We are inspired by the interest for practical knowledge from Participants. We see the United Nations as a global forum to promote this new method to empower women and traumatized persons globally to empower and promote healing and resilience.
How does your topic relate to and advance the CSW64 theme?Women, especially refugee women often live under severe traumatic conditions lacking basic services and great uncertainty. Better social services like Health can promote their resilience and remove stigma and stereotypes. Their participation as healthy persons is essential for them to become true agents of change to create inclusive societies.
What actions or outcomes do you expect from this event?We want to inspire every single woman, those responsible for Migration Centers and health care givers foster the healing process and resilience of refugee women: Respect and transform individual traumatic experience into personal growth, qualification and sustainable change!
What does your NGO currently do in this area?Ergosoma training programmes are complementary Health care method held in Nepal, Germany and other places . “Ergosoma ® Migra” is a new implemented volunteer programme in Public Health Care for women, migrants and refugees those living in poverty. It fosters the healing process, transforming traumatic experience into a source of strength and sustainable change. The certificated volunteers are able to practise the method and furthermore qualify as professionals after an ongoing 24 months training.
Is there anything else NGO CSW/NY should know about your event? The workshop is interactive.
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