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Parallel Event Programm – der Flyer für die Konferenz der Frauenrechtskommission der UN

Das Programm von S.E.R.-Stiftung und Ergosom-Verein

This event will focus on the impact of reconciliation, resilience and health care and call
attention to spiritual aspects of reconciliation and health. It will provide interactive parts with
exercises and report on grassroots experiences of work for rural women.
Moderation of workshop: Ms Heike Kähler, Chairwoman of the S.E.R. Council
S.E.R. Foundation:

  • Welcome: Ms Josefine Brecht, President UN NGO Affairs
  • Opening Remarks: Ms Herminia Littleton, UN NGO Representative
  • Speaker: Ms Dorothy Habig, UN NGO Representative

  – Where does Reconciliation start for Rural Women?
Medical Mission Sisters:

  • Speaker : Ms Celine Paramunda MMS – UN NGO Representative
  • Co-Speaker: Ms Maria Hornung MMS

  – Reconciliation and Health – a spiritual perspective from grassroots
ERGOSOMA ® international
  – How to enhance Resilience and empower Women adapting Indigenous Knowledge in
Health Care?

  • Ms Marion Glaser and Mr Gerhard Grigo: Introduction
  • Ms Astrid Papst: And then she smiled – Best Practice in Nepal
  • Ms A. Schmidt-Bratzel: With the eagle’s eye – the impact of Perception on Resilience
  • Ms Monika Volkmer: The Healthy Inner Core
  • Interactive Part: Excercises Ms M. Volkmer – Moderation: Ms A. Schmidt-Bratzel

Die vollständige Einladung zum Workshop

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